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For the ultimate in soft, dry, healthy stable bedding for horses and other livestock, choose our Flax Bedding! This incredibly absorbent and dust-free natural product provides pillow-like softness, optimum odour containment abilities, and cost-effectiveness, and is fully biodegradable without any chemicals or additives.

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Flax is a natural product, unbelievably absorbent, dust free, making the stable dryer, soft and warm, making your horse more relaxed, developed specifically for horses but also good for any animal bedding.

We use this for our equine and poultry bedding. Recommended by specialist farriers for improved hoof health and ideal for respiratory care. Highly absorbent bedding at a very inexpensive cost per week used by many professional yards and individuals.

Flax is of vegetable origin and biodegradable so it breaks down very quickly to form reduced muck heaps and excellent garden compost.

  • Highly permeable ensuring a healthy and hygienic environment for horse and owner
  • Organically cultivated, no additives, 100% natural.
  • Virtually odour free stable and mucking out, (unless disturbing the sub-base)
  • Light weight Bales easily lifted and spread
  • Super easy and quick to muck out
  • Less wastage being carried to the dung pile and therefore a smaller muck heap
  • Biodegradable muck heap producing excelling compos
  • Saves time and financially more efficient

Flax has gained organic status and is a bi-product of the superior human bedding product, linen and is extracted from the ligneous part of the flax stalk. The linen flax produces a soft, thermal, natural bedding with non-allergic fibres.

It works by absorbing liquids at the base of the bed creating a healthy stable through its immense absorbency and absorbs more liquid per cubic meter than any other bedding. The bedding allows air to act as a natural cushion separating the wet from the dry ensuing the top layer of the bed remains comfortable and dry. It can be used o with or without matting providing an excellent cushion for your horse to stand and lay on.

Flax bedding has shown to be significantly more absorbent than wood shavings, pine flakes hemp shavings and straw. Its unmatched absorption makes it an economical premium bedding product.

Expected weekly usage of Flax verses other types of bedding based on 12 x 12 ft stable, bare floor and average horse are shown below:

Bedding Type Bales

  • Flax ¾ – 1
  • Hemp 1 – 1¼
  • Straw & Shavings Mixed 2 – 2½
  • Wood shavings 2 – 2½
  • Pine Flakes 3
  • Long Straw 3 – 4

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