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Tailored training sessions for dogs of all ages

Doggie Training Sessions

We don’t believe in the phrase ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ – in the right environment any dog can learn something new! At Harlings we offer tailored training sessions for dogs of any ages, from beginner socialisation to advanced courses for farm dogs. Set in our stunning secure field, our training programs are a place of safety that’s free from distractions, so your dog can focus on learning.

Our Training Tiers

To make sure the experience is right for them, we offer small group sessions held with dogs of similar age and size. Our training scheme is split into 4 tiers, with certification on completion: 


Whether you have a puppy who’s just old enough to start training, or you’ve adopted an older dog who you would like to learn new habits, our bronze package is the perfect place to start. Across 4 one-hour sessions, we teach dogs to safely socialise with each other, reducing anxiety and getting them used to being around others. This first step is crucial both to our other categories where group training occurs, and to the wellbeing of your dog in the wider world, ensuring they know how to make friends safely whilst out and about.


Our silver package is for your dog’s first step into the world of skills and obedience training - a five-week course of one-hour sessions that begin to teach your dog basic skills. As well as building on the socialisation skills from the bronze package, we’ll teach your dog new skills, each week, before separating them for individual recall practice.


The gold package is built around introducing your dog to unfamiliar surroundings. Like the previous packages we’ll continue to develop your dog’s socialisation skills and reinforce individual recall. We then begin to introduce the dogs to our farm animals, such as horses, sheep, pigs, and poultry, in order to promote natural behaviour and teach your dog to be ok around new things. Whether you’re taking the first steps in training a dog that will live on a farm, or simply want your dog to behave around other animals, the gold package is a great way to safely introduce them to new things.


The platinum package is our premium training course, featuring two hours of training every week for six weeks to teach your furry friends advanced skills. At every step of the way, we believe it's critical to reinforce the lessons your dogs have already learned, so we include time to socialise and practice the skills they’ve built throughout our programme. During the training, we’ll teach your dog to respect other animals so that they become familiar to them and not a threat. To provide mental stimulation and satisfy your dog’s innate need to explore, we also take our platinum dogs on woodland adventures, practising their skills and releasing pent up energy whilst exploring a new environment.

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